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Who is our ideal candidate?:

Excellent communicator with work experience in trading

With high responsibility level, healthy initiative and organizational skills

With respectful attitude to order and discipline

Able to create business relationship with the staff.

Worker tasks:

To manage marketplace shelf

To provide high service level for producer and store chain (products layout, rotation, reports, POS-materials and etc.)

To initiate events in goods promotion and sales increasement

We offer:

Adequate and competitive salary for high-quality work

Be the part of a cool service project

Possibility of career development

Compensation for transportation

We offer official employment and paid vacation and sick leave

Possibility of additional salary with the help of different tools.


Vacancies of our company


Our actual vacancies

Made by company special for РСМ, ООО

Questions that can occur

How is the report about retail outlet visit is given?

We work with specially developed program for effective work of our specialists which includes a paved route with retail outlets, photo reporting and accuracy in regulation of visit opening and closing.

How is the work schedule formed?

Work schedule depends on the route and category of merchandiser (stationary or pedestrian).

What influences the salary?

Salary depends on worked hours quantity

How long is the internship and how does it happen?

Internship takes place in retail outlet under supervision of RSM senior merchandiser. Internship can last for 1 day or 3 days which depends on candidate experience.

How is work district selected?

We are for a comfortable route that is why we offer the route, orienting on candidate living place.

Is it needed to visit the office?

We are a flexible and modern company that is why the necessity of presence in the office is minimum. Office meeting is needed on quarter base for trainings or general meetings and the supervisor is constantly on external working places.

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